Tips for Designing Flyers 

Flyers are a highly effective and low-cost way of getting people’s attention in what can be a very busy marketplace. To help you even more, though, here are some easy tips to really make your flyers do the job. Use a memorable, easy-to-scan headline You need to catch people’s eyes with some well-chosen, impactful words […]

4 ways to look great and spend less

Staying true to your thrifty self, but also wearing lovely clothes can be a tricky compromise. I want to save money but this doesn’t quell my desire for nice things and that includes my wardrobe. So I have sought out 5 ways to allow you to hit the shops and still have money left in […]

Updating your IT Skills the Right Way

As a technology professional, you will be acutely aware of the pace of change within your industry. You are probably already aware that if you want to remain in employment you need to keep pace with that change, which means keeping your qualifications current and broadening your skills base. This is difficult to do when […]

A weekend in Stratford upon Avon

We have visited Stratford Upon Avon twice this year already and it is swiftly becoming a favourite place of mine.This weekend the whole family gathered together to celebrate my older siblings fortieth birthday, so seven adults and five children took to Shakespeare’s land to celebrate in style.The fact that Britain was bathed in a heatwave […]

Welcome back to Tom and Jerry

Some things can easily evoke a sense of nostalgia in me.  The sight of black jacks in the sweet shop remind me of running up northern streets with a darkened tongue, playing with all my might. Skipping ropes make me want to stay out after dark jumping in time to a chant, and whenever the […]

Reasons to Consolidate Your Debt

Featured Guest Post Managing multiple debts is highly stressful. Thankfully, debt consolidation can bring much needed relief from the complexities of numerous credit card bills or purchase hire contracts. Here’s a look at the reasons to consolidate your debt into one more manageable amount using a debt consolidation loan from peer-to-peer lenders like Zopa: Cut […]

An adventure full of suspense: Vanish Gold to the rescue

Once upon a time, a troublesome three year old got her hands on some Ribena and a napkin… Click the link to see what happened next… Vanish Gold is a new super boosted formula from Vanish, it works in 30 seconds (so my daughter informs me) and gets rid of any evidence! We were commissioned […]

This is me….

Hullo *waves*, Come in, please, grab a cup of tea, biscuits are on the side. Nice to meet you. I’m Jane, author of this blog, which I have set up to try and help me control my excessive spending problem. I do like to spend money, I like to earn it as well but since […]