Are you bad with money? Don’t worry, most of the world is. Living from paycheck to paycheck is common for people who are in low-income or medium-income families. This usually happens as a result of bad spending habits or neglect for your budget. You could be living a lifestyle that just isn’t sustainable, or perhaps you’re drowning in debt due to past mistakes and you’re struggling to clean your history. View Post


Yes, small businesses like high street shop still exist. How long yours last depends on the owners. Sadly, retail stores are declining and finding it difficult to compete. A&F and American Apparel have closed more than 160 shops between them this year. Still, owning a high street store is not impossible; you just have to send out an S.O.S. View Post

There is a lot of talk in the news at the moment claiming that millennials struggle to get a foot on the housing ladder. Rising prices and stagnated wages mean that young people can’t straightforwardly purchase homes like their parents. Indeed, the folks who manage to do that often have to think outside of the box these days. Still, there is some excellent advice in this article that should assist all twenty-somethings in making the right moves. If you follow the step by step process below, you stand a decent chance of buying your first home within a couple of years.


Saving a substantial deposit

There is no getting away from the fact that young people will have to save a decent amount of cash if they want to put a deposit down on their first house. In most instances, it makes sense to accumulate around 10% of the asking price. However, having more money in your accounts will make the process easier. So, individuals and couples just need to create a plan that enables them to achieve that goal. If you need to save £10,000 between two people over two years, that means you need to keep £50 per week each in your bank accounts. It doesn’t sound impossible now, does it?


Using government-backed schemes

The UK government understands that millennials aren’t buying homes at the same rate as their parents. For that reason, the authorities have introduced schemes and programs in the hope of offering assistance. Use this help to buy calculator to see how much you could borrow under the most popular programme at the moment. It’s important that everyone makes use of the best help available, and sometimes people can substantially reduce the amount they have to pay. If you’re confused about any part of the process, just get in touch with the experts and ask for some advice.


Finding the best mortgage deal  

Those who opt for a traditional mortgage deal will want to make sure they get the best arrangement possible. That often means looking for a provider who offers fixed rates. Thankfully, the process is much easier today than it ever was in the past. There are price comparison websites that anyone can use to identify the best companies and obtain some quotes. Of course, your credit rating is going to play a role in the level of success you achieve. With that in mind, people who decide to apply for traditional mortgages will need to take a look at their credit file first.

Now you know how to get your foot on the ladder in some of the simplest ways possible, nothing should stand in your way. Individuals who earn average wages will struggle to make repayments in most instances, and that is why it’s always sensible to purchase your first house as a couple. You might even think about going in on the deal with a friend if you’re yet to meet a life partner. At the very least, that will help to lift some of the financial responsibility from your shoulders.


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