Life after turning thrifty

Trying to live a leaner life never sounder appealing. In fact when I gave up full time employment to look after the kids and their magical mystery box of illnesses I dreaded the thought of coupon cutting and eBay shopping.But looking back over the last year, it really has not been so bad,True, we are […]

Thrifty Holidays: London Town

The summer holidays are upon us and it is challenging to be thrifty when the children are constantly around.This weekend, my children wanted to go to London which can often end up being very expensive.However, I agreed, on the promise that all I would spend would be my train fare…Top TipsBefore going on any day […]

Bingo video highlights the question we should all ask … “was she worth it?

Featured Post In every stage of our life we must ask ourselves a series of important questions – most notably, whether certain decisions were worth it. This is especially true in the world of finance where any expenditure we make needs to be justified to ensure that we’re not needlessly wasting money and this great […]

Saving money on the weekly shop with mySuperList.

I am always looking for new ways to save money in easy ways. One of our biggest expenses as a family is food. With five of us to feed, and all of us with large appetites it can be expensive. Really expensive if you take my love of steak into account… But I have found […]

Little Wishes from Goldsmiths

Our house is really quiet at the moment, my youngest is away with her Nanny for the week.  It feels like the place is empty, and we can’t wait to get her back. And oh boy, do I have a treat for her when she returns. Look at this beautiful box of hidden treasures. The […]

Maximising Your Income as a Contractor

Collaborative post on how to maximize your income… There are many reasons why people choose to leave the relatively secure world of full-time employment and move into a career as a contractor. For some it may be about time. Working as a contractor can free up time that can be spent with their family or concentrating on another, […]

Online Bingo: How do you chose yours?

Being thrifty is not always easy and having a bit of a release from time to time is healthy (in my opinion!). I come from a long trend of bingo players and am no exception to my heritage. The only difference being, I play online – see, am being thrifty as not paying for a […]

Old El Paso: Review

I love Mexican food, ever since I tasted my first burrito as a student in New York, I have been a super fan.  However it is not a food that I find easy to recreate in the kitchen from scratch which is why I am also a massive fan of the Old El Paso range. […]

Saving serious money with Snapt

My quest to live a thrifty life is not always successful, as proven by my recent shopping spree on the high street.  However, we have tried to put our big expenses in order.  Heating our home and running the electricity are two areas where we are always looking for better deals, but it can be […]

How much can you trust online reviews?

Advertorial Post Online reviews are a quick and easy way to gauge public opinion to a company or its products, but how much can they really be trusted? In the digital age, the Internet is often the first port of call when seeking information prior to a purchase, and so online reviews play an extremely […]