If you previously loved travel, as many do, then a truly disappointing or boring vacation can sap away at that passion. You might think that you’ve lost that wanderlust or that you’ve experienced what travel has to offer. Of course, that’s not possible. There’s so much out there, that you will never truly be done with travel. You just have to change things up a little so you find the joy of it again.

Focus on the new

One of the problems that many ex-vacation lovers face is that they’re done with hotels, with beaches, and with lounging at the poolside. What might be relaxed bliss for some can become boring for others. Instead, start looking at finding authentic travel opportunities in your destination of choice. There are plenty of apps used by travel-lovers, spotting lesser known gems and exciting experiences you might otherwise miss.

Pamper yourself

Then again, the reason you might not be feeling your past enthusiasm is that taking care of yourself on holiday might have just become a new part of the routine. Especially if you’re travelling with others, like family members, it might just be doing the same things in a different location. Cooking, organising, making sure everyone has their sunscreen. Think about opting for luxury holiday options, spending a little more so that you can do a lot less, yourself.

Get your blood pumping

Sitting on your backside is going to wear thin after some time, no matter where you’re doing it. The sights are all the more beautiful when you work to see them, too. Active holidays are getting much more popular as people realise that trips like cycle challenges around the world offer them a much more comprehensive exploration of the area around them. It really gives you the feeling of adventure to not just see it all from a car window but to hike, climb, and pedal your way through the country.

Make dead time alive again

Dead time is an unfortunately mandatory part of many holidays. You’ll have it when you’re queuing at the airport, waiting for transport, for admission to a restaurant or attraction, and so on. Practicing mindfulness and a little people watching in a distant land can be a particularly interesting way to get face-to-face with the culture and the differences of everyday life in a new place, however.

Tell your story

It can become hard to really hold onto the positive moments and fun surprises of a vacation as you put a little distance between yourself and the events. For some, taking photographs can be a way to keep the memory fresh, to better remember the stories, and transport yourself back to the mindset you had at the time. Others prefer to blog, others write in their journals, others talk about it with their friends. If you tell the story, however, you’re much more likely to keep that emotional journey alive and to get much more enjoyment from your travels.

If you’re sick of spending time in hotels, restaurants, or lounging on the beach, then try something new. Cycle the countryside. Splurge on a little luxury. Focus on the new and getting out of your comfort zone. Even options that don’t immediately jump out at you can be more fulfilling if just for the novelty factor.

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London is a fantastic city. It caterings for the young and old, the cultured and the trendy.  It celebrates a rich history than seems to span eternity, and has a nightlife that never sleeps.

I could give you reason after reason to visit London and ideas of places to stay and sights to see.  However this clever guide from HouseTrip is a much clever resource to explore the city by internet.  It showcases all the hot spots in London, identifies places off the beaten track and inspires you to see more of our capital city.

Where to Stay In London Guide by HouseTrip.com

HT Guide Image

This guide create a fabulous impression of our beautiful city.  My top tips are to head to Southbank and embrace the weekend on the River Thames.  You can hear live bands, sample a whole host of foods, hunt for a bargain in the book sale and discover hidden treats at the waters edge.

Cricket Lovers need to head up to Maida Vale to the home of Lords, and shoppers who are lucky enough to not be on a budget should take their credit cards to Knightsbridge.

If the sunny is shining, go for a wander through Hyde Park, stopping to see the iconic Diana’s playground and rest for a moment watching the world go by.

There is no better way to see London than to visit as if you live there.  The tourist spots are great but there is so much more to see and do, and the HouseTrip guide shows you just where to go.


What is it?

Holywell Bay is a stunning beach where the sea throws out some great waves for boarding and the small town offers a glorious village pub and small store.  Half a mile up hill from the town centre you can take the children to Holywell Bay Fun Park.

I have to be honest, at first glance I shuddered.  It looked like a stationary fair ground and I presumed it would be waiting to eat my money.

We went to reception which said we could pay as we play.  So we could pay for each ride as we went on, in all honesty this looked pricey, the average cost being £3.00 a ride.  With three kids in tow I could see my money disappearing swiftly.  My other half paled.

Then we saw they had a wrist band option, for children over 1.2 they suggested the every ride band which was £19.75 and for under 1.2 they suggested we purchased a cheaper band for £8.75. This band gave access to 80% of the rides.

The woman behind the till was incredible helpful, she suggested based on the kids ages (7,7, and 3) the cheaper bands would be better.  She also explained that as parents we could accompany the kids on any rides without paying.

Suddenly the day was being priced at under £27 for the five of us.

I perked up!

The ‘rides’ included a super 18 hole crazy golf which was themed around the great sites of Cornwall.  Small trampolines and bouncy castles sent my pre schooler into happy land.  The kiddy karts were great fun even though my heart lurched everytime my smallest crashed into a barrier.

Once inside the park I changed my initial impression of it looking like a stationary fun fair.  It was clean, the staff were incredibly helpful, good natured and interacted with the kids fantastically.  There were no queues and the views over the bay were exceptional.

Plus it was excellent value for money and the children loved it.

The best bits

The star cars were great fun.  Myself and the husband got to race around a track with the kids in tow.

The crazy golf course was excellent, and we were all able to play.

Merlins Maze was very cool, the children delighted in carefully treading over the dragons back and finally trying to wrench the sword from the stone.

Value for money

We stayed for longer than expected. The golf course took an hour to navigate and the kids had repeated turns on the bungee trampolines and water zorbing.  We had a great fun filled afternoon which was an unexpected pleasure and was a perfectly reasonable cost.

Our verdict

Great place to spend a windy afternoon in Cornwall.

We have just enjoyed ten beautiful days in the Cornish seaside.  We stayed at the lovely Trevella Park, glamping (because I simply don’t do camping), and managed to stick to budget and not flutter away a fortune.

Here’s how….
1.  Book early: we booked our trip to Trevella last September and were able to book at 2012 prices.  Plus spreading the cost out over ten months made it feel easier on the purse strings.

2.  Do a big shop, Trevella has a Morrisons around the corner which I sent the other half to as soon as we arrived.  We bought own brand bacon, sausage, eggs and a ton of bbq food, plus everything needed for ten days worth of picnics.  We then bought the basics from the reasonably priced shop on site.

3. Hit the beach!  Building sandcastles, playing french cricket and reading on the sand are all free.  Plus the kids will love it, whether it is raining or if the sun has graced you with its presence.

4. Spend a day on the campsite.  Trevella has a pool (heated), mini golf (30p per person), an adventure park and a playground.  Plus a whole host of ranger sessions where you can join Trevellas very own ranger – Wayne – and learn more about the nature surrounding the park.

5. Go crabbing in Crantock.  You will have to buy a crabbing net, a bucket, and the magic ingredient (bacon) but you can have hours of fun hunting for crabs in the rock pools and the sea.

6. Take on the waves, cornwall is reknown for its surfing, but being younger and softer we stuck to body boarding.

7. Learn to fish: Trevella Park has two stunning fishing lakes and you can hire the equipment.  You can relax by the lake, dangling bait in the water and hope like hell you get a bite.

8. Start a cricket tournament on site.  Trevella has an abundance of space which can be used for football, picnics and of course cricket.  My brood set up a game one evening and were shortly joined by no less than 20 other kids all wanting to join in.  Hours of fun that didn’t cost a penny.

9. Get to know nature.  Trevella has an awesome nature trail and you can take part in the I-Spy nature challenge.  Fab to keep the kids entertained and to help them learn more about the planet.

We reviewed Trevella Park in 2012 and were so impressed that we booked to return as soon as we returned.  I can highly recomend it as a beautiful place to stay and a great base to explore Cornwall without breaking the bank.

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