Travel is wonderful, life-enriching, experience-enhancing… and pretty expensive. That’s an unavoidable fact. Even if you manage to travel on the smallest of budgets, it’s impossible to escape the fact that you still need a budget. You still need to have money available for that.

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Coming home from a long hard day at work, sometimes nothing can satisfy you. Your muscles are aching, your bones are clicking in the socket joints, and no matter what but you can’t stop yawning. Very often, if you don’t do something about it, you can carry nervous tension that’s been building up all day, all the way to bed, and that can cause you to have a sleepless night, even though you’re physically exhausted. Many people try to watch television, eat or play with their kids to get their mind off of the stress. However, there’s nothing quite like a bout of your time, completely by yourself, relaxing and pampering in an environment of total privacy. If you’re a beauty fanatic, you’re probably wondering what the best bath time beauty routine is, so here is a gentle guide.

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How kids love the summer holidays. Seemingly endless weeks without having to think, or worry, about anything. Even better, the lucky ones get the chance to jet to another country for a refreshing holiday abroad.It’s a blissful time for the whole family.

But, six weeks or more without education is a long time. If your kids don’t take it upon themselves to even pick up a book, it’ll be a struggle for them to get back to learning when the time comes.
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If I told you I was going to write a blog post about a really cheap holiday, I bet you would never think that I would write about skiing. That’s because so many families think that skiing trips are so expensive and are specifically aimed at well-heeled holidaymakers. Well, that really isn’t the case these days! In fact, you can now find some really cheap deals when you are looking to book a ski trip. View Post

People tend to travel for different reasons. It could be to immerse themselves in other cultures, to visit family, see a new country or perhaps just for a holiday. And then there are those who choose to travel for the food – or at least see it as a definite perk to their jaunt. But for those who want a mixture of everything, Hong Kong is definitely the place to go. It serves up a whole host of fantastic things to enjoy; from the history and culture to the cuisine and attractions within.



Hong Kong doesn’t do half measures, and its attractions are by no means an anomaly to this. If you can get a hotel near Hong Kong Ocean Park then you’re in for a treat regarding what’s on your doorstep; there are roller coasters galore with the ability to take a break from the thrill to look at animals such as giant pandas, koalas and an array of marine mammals as well as hundreds more. There is a dedicated breeding centre within the complex to help with research in both captivity and the wild, and every payment made to enter gets donated towards the costs of running this vital centre. Disneyland also has its own spot in Hong Kong, and the cities offer amazing sights for you to see on a daily basis.

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The food in Hong Kong has had a lot of influence over the years. Although mainly based on Cantonese cuisine, it has a lot of British influence due to the Imperial reign up until 1997. As aforementioned, some people make their way over to this country for the food alone; and the variety certainly won’t disappoint you. There are recommendations online of quintessential dishes that must be tried, and it’s always good to take a step out of your comfort zone when considering what you’re going to choose. Don’t limit yourself when there’s so much choice!


City vs Country


Although Hong Kong is famously associated with the big skyscrapers that its cities have produced, it actually has a handful of parks which offer idyllic countryside views – some with beaches attached to them if they are nearing the coast. These can offer a great alternative to the hustle and bustle that city life provides, and while you’re somewhat out in the sticks, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t things to do there. There are nature tours available for you to go on which can take you anywhere from the forests to the seas where you are able to view whales and dolphins in their natural habitats. The great public transport links around the country make it easy for you to get from concrete to greenery in no time at all, so there’s no excuse not to indulge yourself in a bit of both worlds.


Before you go to Hong Kong, ensure that you have booked all of your accommodation in advance to get a good price deal. Tickets to attractions can be booked online before you arrive which can also save you money – but most of all, enjoy what’s around you in this beautiful country!


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