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When you are looking for a professional to complete a job for you – whether it’s a financial advisor to help you plan your pension or a property and conveyancing solicitors – you need to know what you should look for to pick the right person. Choosing a professional who turns out to be half as good as they suggested on their website is a costly decision so it pays to do a little bit of research first.

And, when life throws a spanner in the works, it’s always best to know what to do next.

Check for Qualifications, Awards and Testimonials

Many professionals will list their qualifications to give you an indication of their ability. However, as many qualifications are easy to mock up, be wary of certificates that are from a university you don’t recognise. Fonts like comic sans will stand out a mile and should also raise concerns. If it doesn’t look right, don’t buy it!

Their website will likely show that they have won some awards. Legitimate winners are likely to hyperlink the logo to take you direct to the page that shows they won. Similarly, many sites display testimonials from previous clients. You should take these with a pinch of salt – no professional is going to put up negative feedback in a prominent position and there’s nothing to say that they haven’t simply made them up!

Ask for Recommendations from Friends

Word of mouth might be old school in the days of social media, but it is still the best way to find a service provider who is trustworthy. Friends never recommend bad professionals to each other so you can be sure that their experience was good and the service was as expected.

There are also review websites that can help you to search for local professionals that show up all comments, good and bad, for you to make a more informed judgement. These sites can be really helpful but do remember that people tend to make more extreme judgements on here so the services are either going to be ‘excellent’ or ‘rubbish’ with little in between.

What to do if it All Goes Wrong

Unfortunately, even when you have done your research and got personal recommendations, sometimes a professional still isn’t as skilled as they made you think. This might be because they offered a slightly different service to a friend and have overestimated their skills in another similar area. Whatever the reason, you could end up paying over the odds for a service you don’t think was worth the money

You could try renegotiating with the professional to come to an agreement on a new, lower cost – or not pay at all – but in some instances this can lead to further problems. This is especially common when you have already paid. In this case, it is definitely worth contacting professional negligence solicitors to see how they can help you to recoup costs.

Finding the right professional for your needs can take time but it is worth making sure that whoever you hire is trustworthy, capable of fulfilling your needs and will charge a fair price. If you are unsure about any of these things, move on and find someone else.


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