Me and my Dad, and a BMW

It is amazing what you inherit from your parents, how much they shape your ideas, views and lifestyle choices.  I have inherited a love of sport, a passion for competing and a whole heartfelt love of BMW’s. Yup, BMW’s. My father has always driven BMW’s, as a business man he always chose them for his […]

Things to do in Blackpool with kids: The Top of the Tower

Recently we were invited to Blackpool to stay at the fabulous Cliffs Hotel for the weekend.  As a child I spent many a fabulous summer in Blackpool staying with my Aunt, and I was keen to share some of the things I used to love with my own children. We headed straight for Blackpool Tower, […]

Time for longer days!!!

Don’t forget the clocks change on Sunday! Have a look at the info-graphic created by Tempur for more little known facts on Daylight saving time – and let the longer days start again! Source: Tempur Featured Post

How much can you trust online reviews?

Advertorial Post Online reviews are a quick and easy way to gauge public opinion to a company or its products, but how much can they really be trusted? In the digital age, the Internet is often the first port of call when seeking information prior to a purchase, and so online reviews play an extremely […]

Dreaming of a summer holiday..

Have you seen? the lovely Al Fresco Holidays have spent a whopping £2.5M on a  rebrand for its 10th anniversary… AL FRESCO Holidays announces a bold new look, a host of new parcs, new accommodation types. While the bright new branding may be bold and unfamiliar, Al Fresco bosses are proud of the fact that […]

Win! Season One of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

As a child, I loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and I thrived on watching the superhero foursome Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo.  I even dressed as Leo (the mighty leader for a fancy dress party – my main memory is of being incredibly hot!) Hence why I am pretty excited to be giving away a […]

Country Living: Butser Ancient Farm

Half term has begun…. The holiday started with a visit to Butser Ancient Farm, to find out more about the Roman and Celtic way of life…. The twins are studying the Romans and Celts for their homework project this term, so twin girl jumped at the chance to see what she had been learning in […]

Making the home beautiful (without breaking the bank)

I love more my home, but I am the first to admit that it needs a wee bit of work and a bit of love to restore it to its former glory.  However, when it comes to home improvements love is often measured by monetary spend. So I have been slowly improving the home bit […]

Silent Sunday

Sponsored Post: Buying a new static caravan Holiday Home -what’s included and what’s not

Buying a static caravan is a big investment that needs careful financial consideration. You don’t need to worry about paying the whole lot in one go, but whether or not you’re taking out a finance package, you should think about the additional costs you might incur. So here’s a quick breakdown of what’s included and […]