Saving pennies with school dinners

My tiny little four year old starts school in a week. It seems almost ridiculous, it was literally seconds ago that I held her to my breast and fed her for the first tme after she made my world so much brighter by arriving in it. I have so little inclination to send her into […]

How to eat Paleo for a week…..

The idea Paleo seems a bit baffling at first, and certainly since I announced my dietary change, I have been asked many a time ‘what do you eat?’. The answer is easy, simple, clean food. This week, Morrison’s asked me to shop and eat – two of my very favourite things to do in life, […]

Ted Baker: A little something of what you like

Handbag sized perfume. Simply a genius invention. I am due to go on holiday in a couple of weeks and have been looking at ways to keep my luggage costs down and my bags light.  One thing I have always refused to scrimp on is good quality perfume. I like to smell nice. I am […]

Old El Paso: Review

I love Mexican food, ever since I tasted my first burrito as a student in New York, I have been a super fan.  However it is not a food that I find easy to recreate in the kitchen from scratch which is why I am also a massive fan of the Old El Paso range. […]

The beauty of an Easy No Bake Cheesecake

I love Cheesecake, almost as much as it loves my hips!  Plus it is so easy to make, grab your digestives, some cream cheese, and bit of double cream and see what you can create. Here is my attempt at an Easy No Bake Cheesecake.  I didn’t use a reciepe, I just threw in a […]

Thifty Food: Cheese & Bacon Pasta Bake

Cheese & Bacon Pasta Bake Ingredients 500g Pasta – any that you find that is cheap 600 mls of Milk Lump of butter 4 tablespoons of flour 250g of cheese Handful of blue cheese if you have any in the cupboard Teaspoon of mixed herbs Salt and Pepper for seasoning 4 pieces of bacon  – […]

Silent Sunday

Slow Cooker: BBQ Sausage and Beans Recipe

Food is probably one of the things I find easiest to economize on, I adore cooking which sadly doesn’t mean I am any good at it, but I adore it nonetheless.  I am a huge fan of my slow cooker and find it such an ease to pop something on in the morning and then wolf it […]

This is me….

Hullo *waves*, Come in, please, grab a cup of tea, biscuits are on the side. Nice to meet you. I’m Jane, author of this blog, which I have set up to try and help me control my excessive spending problem. I do like to spend money, I like to earn it as well but since […]