I love working for myself, freelancing suits me, I do my own hours, spend time with the kids and report to no one but myself.

At this moment in time, in my life, it is perfect.

But I do have a dream,

I hanker after being the boss, running a team, creating a successful business.  Perhaps, one day, when the children are a little older, this could become a reality.

I am prepared, I worked in the commercial world long enough to know that running your own business is hard work and requires hours of dedication, I have already started formatting business plans, scribbles in notebooks, that one day will help me start my empire.

I spend hours researching free business tools like Mailchimp, the full suite of Google apps, I know that factoring is a great option for small businesses who are looking to access their cashflow quickly.  Plus as the recession becomes a painful memory, the banks are opening up their lending arms once more to entrepreneurs with a strong business plan.

I have an idea for a business, I am not looking to re invent the wheel, it is a sound business service that I think will take off, once I have the time to commit to it.  Really, that is what I need more than anything, time to get going.

I have seen many small business fail because the owner simply didn’t anticipate how much energy would be needed to make it a success.  I feel my background in sales has prepared me well to roll up my sleeves and work my backside off.

But as I said, the kids have to grow a little first.

But I want the world to know I have aspirations, I still have ideas, and when I get that precious gift of time, I will start flying once more.

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In our quest to put some money in the bank and eventually rejoin the home owners party we have made some tough decisions.

One of those decisions is to not buy new stuff.

I miss new stuff….

I visit friend’s homes and am struck with the green eyed monster when I see furniture without biro on it, and furniture that still has its original varnish on it.

So I live in fantasy land.

I dream of  luxury sofas from John Lewis that sit next to a  brand new coffee table.  I ignore the discomfort in my bottom from the collapsed springs in the sofa we own and let my imagination place me on my new one with a soft chenille throw covering my toes.

My imagination is pretty good!

In my mind’s eye, my dining room has a large luxury oak table, with silk covered chairs.  My kitchen is top of the range with remote controlled sensors.  In my head, my microwave is sparkling and new.

My dreams don’t end in the home, they stretch to the garden.  Outside I have a luxury hammock, a deluxe garden set with sofa style chairs for all the family.  A large, top of the range BBQ grills my favourite steak as I do a few laps in the pool.

As I said, my imagination is pretty awesome.

I may need to work harder at settling into thrifty living!

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Officially I am rubbish at being thrifty, despite best intentions and all that I have failed in the most recent month to make significant cutbacks – I do however have a good tan from my recent exploits in Portugal.  So June is all about starting to take a thrifty life more seriously.  So far I have meal planned, shopped at Aldi and have turned down two invites to go out on the razzle – all counts right? View Post

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Hullo *waves*,

Come in, please, grab a cup of tea, biscuits are on the side.

Nice to meet you.

I’m Jane, author of this blog, which I have set up to try and help me control my excessive spending problem.

I do like to spend money, I like to earn it as well but since spending more time at home with my three kids I get less opportunity to make it than I do spend it which is unfortunate predicament to be in.

This blog will hopefully detail some cheaper ways to eat, but I am not promising anything fancy, highlight any deals that I discover on my quest to be thrifty, and it will tell you about any fab days out and cheap ways to entertain the kids.  If I am honest it will also detail my finance disasters and times when I have swerved off the thrifty path…

If you want to know a bit more about why I used to be a spender and how life has turned me into a saver check out the about me page.

Thanks for stopping by.