Payday loans – a good or a bad thing?

We have all heard of payday loans, and certainly as someone who has struggled with finances in the past, they have been an idea I have entertained.  Yet I have worried about the repayments and some of the press and had concerns. Hence why I wanted to explore more into the topic and see – […]

Options for people with poor credit

I had cause to check my credit rating this week.  I’ll be honest I have always just presumed it would be good.  I pay my rent on time, clear my credit cards, and have a small loan.  I couldn’t imagine a reason to have a less than excellent rating. So imagine my surprise when I […]

Financial disputes with friends – how to avoid

We all know how horrible it feels when you are financially stretched.  It is hard enough in a relationship with a spouse when you argue about cash flow.  But have you ever been in the predicament where you have fallen out with a friend over finances? This latest report from Scottish Friendly shows that a massive […]

Five Things You Could Learn About Debt Consolidation

Advertorial It can be really refreshing to find out about some things that could make a difference to your life, especially when it comes to finance – but a lot of the time the publicity sits around ways to reduce gas and electric bills and which suppliers offer the best value. Yet what does not […]

When to save and when to spend.

Featured Post I try and be thrifty with my family, but as regular readers will know, I often fail.  Many things are worth paying for, and sometimes when I have gone thrifty it has cost me double. For example, last year, when I replaced my flat tyre with a cheaper version than the original.  Four […]

Bargains to be had at Magnet Kitchens

My kitchen is tired, almost as tired as I am, but not quite. It needs some tender loving care, potentially a complete overhaul – but cost always remains a factor when it comes to waking up the home. However, I do have some exciting news – Magnet have got some great February deals on over […]

A Family Night In: Firing up the competitive streak.

Competition is in the air. The winter Olympics is all over the TV, and we are feeling patriotic as a family. However tonight, that all ends. Tonight we are pitting ourselves against each other and prepare to fight to the death to win our Family Games Night. That may sound a little harsh but you […]

Durex Embrace Review….

My postman must question what I do for a living.  He is forever bringing parcels of every shape and size to my door, it is one of the perks of being a blogger, that I get to review some fabulous things and impart my wisdom on the world. However, I fear the postman may feel […]

Dreaming of being the boss….

I love working for myself, freelancing suits me, I do my own hours, spend time with the kids and report to no one but myself. At this moment in time, in my life, it is perfect. But I do have a dream, I hanker after being the boss, running a team, creating a successful business. […]

Can you be thrifty and holiday abroad?

Featured Post My weakness and biggest extravagance in life is holidays.  I try really hard to be thrifty.  Honestly I do.  I shop in Aldi, I can’t even cope anymore with the choice at Tescos and Waitrose.  I take the car out of gear when driving down hill.  I save coupons, I buy bulk discount. […]