Payday loans – a good or a bad thing?

We have all heard of payday loans, and certainly as someone who has struggled with finances in the past, they have been an idea I have entertained.  Yet I have worried about the repayments and some of the press and had concerns. Hence why I wanted to explore more into the topic and see – […]

Tips for Designing Flyers 

Flyers are a highly effective and low-cost way of getting people’s attention in what can be a very busy marketplace. To help you even more, though, here are some easy tips to really make your flyers do the job. Use a memorable, easy-to-scan headline You need to catch people’s eyes with some well-chosen, impactful words […]

4 ways to look great and spend less

Staying true to your thrifty self, but also wearing lovely clothes can be a tricky compromise. I want to save money but this doesn’t quell my desire for nice things and that includes my wardrobe. So I have sought out 5 ways to allow you to hit the shops and still have money left in […]

Options for people with poor credit

I had cause to check my credit rating this week.  I’ll be honest I have always just presumed it would be good.  I pay my rent on time, clear my credit cards, and have a small loan.  I couldn’t imagine a reason to have a less than excellent rating. So imagine my surprise when I […]

Bingo brings a smile to the face of a busy mother!

Ever wondered what can make a busy mother feel completely relaxed and entertained for some hours every day? Well, the answer most preferably can be online bingo! The bingo games are taking the market by storm with their convenience and fun factors. You can try these games without any difficulties on your laptops, mobiles or […]

Tips for Saving Money for Your Small Business

Regardless of the size of your company, everyone needs to increase profits and reduce costs to make sure that their business is as successful as possible. Thankfully, there are many different steps you can take to reduce the overheads of your small business to help increase profits. Here are just a few that you can […]

5 useful tips for your dream wedding

I remember our special day like it was yesterday. It really was such an exciting time, despite the marriage not working out, the day was fabulous. But, I won’t lie – organising a wedding is not without its stress and fallouts, and I remember quite a few late nights where we were arguing over things […]

Top tips to make the kids financially secure.

Children are not born with a concept of money, although they seem to have an instant skill for spending it.  As a parent it is part of our role in life to teach them how to manage their pennies and save for the future. When each of my children were born we set them up […]

How to play more (cheaply) and stop yelling…

ts fluffy time at mine at the moment, well fluffy with a layer of dust. I have promised my children to play more and clean less, after week one I can report back successfully. In fact I have not raised my voice in anger towards any of my three, yes three children in six days! […]

Disney Marvel Kids: Free Entertainment

Every thing seems to have a price tag nowadays.  Which makes trying to entertain kids a costly business. So hence my delight this week when we were introduced to Disney’s Marvel Kids Games. Free and fun! Which was perfect timing, as this week, my nine year old son and I were spending a day together […]