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I’m Jane, I used to describe myself as a ‘business woman’, I wore a suit to the office every day, had some killer heels and had no issues with buying my lunchtime sushi from Waitrose every lunchtime.  I have three children, I write about them and my parenting traumas on my other blog, northernmum.

Nowadays I don’t wear a suit so much, my killer heels literally kill and I feel more at home in a pair of jeans with slipper socks on keeping my toes nice and warm.

So why the change?

My third daughter, born in 2010 changed our world, she was born and I fell in love instantly as one does with their children.  She was a delight to enjoy and I relished my time at home with her, when she was eight months old she suffered an epileptic fit which terrified myself and my husband.  When my maternity leave finished at twelve months her epilepsy was still unpredictable and we made the decision for my husband to leave his day job and take full time care of her and our seven year old twins.

I put back on the heels, ironed a shirt and went back to work.

The next twelve months were chaotic, we learnt to control epilepsy but were struck with a further blow when my daughter, aged 19 months was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and booked in for surgery the following month.  My husbands time off work was extended and my stress levels soared.  My little one coped remarkably well and eventually in August 2012 life seemed to be settling back to normal.  Financially life had become tough, living on one income with five people is hard enough at the best of times but we were also paying back debts from when we lived more of a high life.  My heels were getting old and my suits looked tired.

For a brief spell we returned to two incomes until Halloween 2012 hit us, the day we found out my oldest daughter had Type 1 diabetes.  She was diagnosed at the tender age of six, our worlds began to spin again and finally I announced I couldn’t cope anymore.  I took a sabbatical to help learn about diabetes and to help my daughter deal with living with a chronic illness.

Nowadays I can be found at home most days, I still pop to the office for a few hours but nothing compared to my life before.   I don’t shop in Waitrose, I can’t remember the taste of Sushi, but I do see more of my kids.

This blog is supposed to document how I start saving rather than spending, I love to spend, I love holidays, nice clothes, pretty things dangling from my ears.  I imagine with my new life I will get it wrong, but who knows, maybe writing about it will help me get it right.

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